The Green malaise

It’s hard to imagine the Greens ever becoming more than a party that is pushing a narrow environmentalist agenda to a small number of hardcore supporters. Read More

Manitoba’s November throne speech

The Manitoba Government has attempted to give their PST hike a second chance for a first impression in their 2013 throne speech. The hike and its rollout will likely go down on as one of the biggest communications blunders the NDP government has ever committed and it cost Stan Struthers his job as Finance Minister. Read More

The Manitoba NDP’s cabinet restructuring

While the recent cabinet shuffle to “reset” the government was not full of many surprises, it does indicate where the government knows it needs help and may shine some light on where the government feels it needs to go to have a chance of holding onto power. Read More

Attack of the NDP ads

Barring some kind of miraculous turnaround for the NDP, their best hope is to convince voters that they’re the least worst option on the ballot. Read More