Photo credit: Bruce Monk.

Theatre review: Good People

Hooray for a play that doesn’t tie everything up neatly. Walking out of the theatre, there’s room left for the audience to debate not just a few key plot points but important questions of fate, class, and making your own luck. Read More
Photo: Leif Norman

Theatre review: Sargent & Victor & Me

I usually hate, haaaaaaaate underscoring in shows, a manipulative cue to audiences that “here comes the emotional part.” But a minimalist yet grand score from Christine Fellows and John K. Samson almost always feels supportive rather than smothering – an audible incarnation of the play’s spiritual heartbeat. Read More

5 ChekhovFest reviews

Seeing this many Chekhov plays back to back, I’ve started to question the line between style and life. What if Chekhovian tragedy is just realism with Russian names? Read More