We’re all sweaty and having fun: The 2015 Winnipeg Folk Festival

Folk Fest is this sort of unifying event that brings all sorts of people in, and provides an opportunity to not only see great performers, but also pals who migrate back to the city for the summer, or that friend of a friend you see around, or that person you were in a super professional work meeting with one time, only now they're wearing a sarong. Read More

Mesmerising murmuration

mur·mur·a·tion /mərməˈrāSHən/ noun; literary the action of murmuring. “the murmuration of a flock of warblers” rare a flock of starlings. Read More

Singer love

Not bound by what some may think of as stereotypical choir or choral music – you don’t have to go to church to see these folks – they perform rock anthems, big band hits, and current pop favourites. Read More
Pictured above are five of the nine co-owners of The Good Will. Top left: Donavan Robinson; bottom from l-r: Abi Turquato, Cam Leoppky, Anthony Kowalczyk, and Tim Hoover.

(The) Good Will for all

“I think the cool thing about this place is we all kind of came in wanting to build a place for Winnipeg, and it’s kind of like the people that are part of this are the kind of people we want to bring in here." Read More
The Reverend Rambler performs at the breakfast stage Sunday morning. From left: Sean Multan, Karly Colpits, and Greg Arcade. Photo credit: Garnie Ross.

Heart full of Harvest Moon

There is something magical that happens when people come together to have fun and support a common goal. It’s the kind of magic that happens when you can buy your produce from the people who grew it. Read More