Racing, on the rocks

  Winnipeggers know how hard driving on icy roads can be, but what about racing on them?   Well that’s exactly what some Winnipeggers do… Read More

Singer love

Not bound by what some may think of as stereotypical choir or choral music – you don’t have to go to church to see these folks – they perform rock anthems, big band hits, and current pop favourites. Read More
Pictured above are five of the nine co-owners of The Good Will. Top left: Donavan Robinson; bottom from l-r: Abi Turquato, Cam Leoppky, Anthony Kowalczyk, and Tim Hoover.

(The) Good Will for all

“I think the cool thing about this place is we all kind of came in wanting to build a place for Winnipeg, and it’s kind of like the people that are part of this are the kind of people we want to bring in here." Read More