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No more hiding, gents, Victoria’s Secret is ‘man-friendly’

The dreams of Winnipeg women have come true with the opening of the new Victoria’s Secret store at the Polo Park shopping mall! People were lined up around the corner, hours before mall doors opened Friday, waiting to get their hands on lingerie fit for Angels.

Victoria’s Secret claims to know women better than any retailer and has been aiming to make their fantasies come true, in both appearance and comfort. And it’s not only female fantasies materializing with the grand opening of the retail store today.

Victoria’s Secret owes its roots to a shy guy who was too embarrassed to purchase his wife some sexy undergarments. All their retail locations welcome and encourage men to shop. Robert Warren, a local marketing expert, referred to Victoria’s Secret as “man-friendly” to the Free Press, and that, “it has taken the stigma away from going into a lingerie store for men.”

So, gents, no more hiding behind newspapers or flashing those not-so-subtle glances as you walk by the brightly-lit store – man up and buy your girlfriend a gift you both really want!


Karmen Wells is the Spectator Tribune’s social media intern. She also writes. Follow her at: @araenae