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Adrift over the farmyards of southern Manitoba

Photo credit: Toban Dyck

If Spectator Tribune was once tethered to something, an idea, an anchor people believed in, it has since been set adrift over the farmyards of southern Manitoba looking for a solid place to land.

Amid the grit and charm of all that comes with rural and small-town living, it has found just that – a place to land – with one eye to the great things going on here and across the Prairies, and the other to critical issues that require more background.

In rural communities across the Prairies, public trust is a real concern. Keeping any readership – no matter how small or large – informed on topics like pesticide usage, hobby farming, beekeeping, the genetic modification of plants and general farming practices is paramount.

Sharing stories that properly, honestly and critically highlight what it means to be a steward and/or Prairie dweller is important, too, and something Spectator Tribune will begin doing.

Rural Manitoba and the Prairies, in general, swell with creative people doing things that have reach all over this planet. Spectator Tribune would like to let you know about them.

The publication will also become a place for Prairie readers to visit for fair, critical analysis of the issues that affect them, from town politics to R.M. policy to federal commentary.

And, just as important as all of this, Spectator Tribune will be a place for writers in rural Manitoba and across the Prairies to get published, sharpen their skills and do so as part of a team.

If you’re from southern Manitoba or elsewhere and have an interest in writing, contact Toban Dyck: