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Prairie Daily: Feathersaurus found in Alberta, Saskatoon gets the measles, and MTS gets Bon Jovi

Measles are making a comeback in Saskatoon, Regina

Parents and teachers in Saskatchewan should encourage children to cover their mouths and wash their hands more often than usual, now that measles appears to be making a comeback. The first case in over 15 years has been diagnosed in the Saskatoon Health Region. Four cases have also been reported in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and one in the Prince Albert Parkland Region.

“Today, measles is a rare disease in Canada,” says Dr. Julie Kryzanowski, Deputy Medical Health Officer Saskatoon Health Region. “Most cases of measles in Canada are related to international travel or imported. But to prevent imported measles from becoming outbreaks, Saskatoon Health Region is advising people to ensure that they are protected by immunization. Measles is just a plane ride away. When we see a case, it’s a reminder we need to remain vigilant.”

Ornithomimid fossils found in Alberta

It turns out, that dinosaurs of a feather did flock together. The discovery of three fossils Thursday in Alberta are said to be the first feathered specimens found in the Western Hemisphere. These fossils show that the Ornithomimid dinosaurs, which resemble ostriches, did in fact have feathers.

“We knew it was a really important discovery because feathered dinosaurs previously had only been found in China and in Germany,” said Darla Zelenitsky, co-author of a research paper being published Friday in the prestigious journal, Science.

These feathered fossils will be on display later this fall in Drumheller at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Bon Jovi returns to MTS

Sometimes, a little bad medicine is just what the doctor ordered especially to kick-start a spring fever.

The MTS Centre General Manager Kevin Donnelly announced that Jon Bon Jovi will be bringing his ’80s hard rock/glam metal style back to the ‘peg on April 5, 2013. And, Donnelly assures us that his return shown will come with all the bells and whistles.  Ticket details are still yet to be determined.


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