3 days from Prague

One of my favourite cities to spend time in is Prague in the Czech Republic. I’ve been there a few times now, and just love it. It’s a very laid back, down to earth city. I liked to go to this annual May Day concert held at a place called Fun Island. It was hands down my favourite festival. Sadly, it no longer happens. Oh well, nothing lasts forever, I guess.

Alex Yurasov┬ádid up this short video from shots he took on his camcorder. It’s really just a snippet, but I like the feel. It does a good job of capturing a bit of the casual nature of the city and avoids becoming just a video of the main tourist sites although a few of them do appear in here. It shows that Prague is a functional, living city that just happens to have some amazing architecture and history that dissolves into the background slightly in day to day living, but is always there.