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5 things you absolutely must know today

1. Maple syrup-infused legal tender?

Dozens of Canadians have contacted the Bank of Canada asking if the new polymer notes have been scented to smell like maple syrup. The smelly rumours began when Canada introduced its first polymer note in November 2011 and Canadian Press has obtained a year’s worth of inquiries to the Bank of Canada from Canadians about the new bills. From what I’ve heard, the real maple syrup flavour comes out when you eat them. [Macleans]

2. Hockey Canada bans bodychecking in peewee hockey

Hockey Canada’s board of directors voted to eliminate bodychecking for players under 13 at their AGM on Saturday in Charlottetown. Only the Saskatchewan Hockey Association voted against the ban. Earlier this month, Hockey Alberta and Hockey Nova Scotia banned bodychecking for its peewee players while Quebec had a ban already in place. The issue gained traction after a 2012 study showed that the rate of injury was three times higher in Alberta than in Quebec. [CBC]

3. Arrested Development returns!

After being cancelled by Fox in 2006, the critically acclaimed sitcom’s fourth season was released yesterday on Netflix with the entire main cast returning. All 15 episodes are available to watch at once, but series creator Mitch Hurwitz suggested viewers not binge watch all in a row. [Forbes]

4. Investors Group Field hosts One Heart celebration, stadium’s first event

15,000 people attended the fourth annual One Heart Winnipeg yesterday, a multidenominational Christian service, at Investors Group Field, the new home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The religious event was the public’s first chance to tour the new stadium which also served as a test run before the CFL and concert event season begins. [Winnipeg Free Press]

5. Amanda Bynes had a bad weekend

It began Thursday evening when the former Nickelodeon child star was arrested after allegedly throwing a bong from her 36th floor Manhattan apartment. Officials in her apartment building called police after she was seen rolling a joint and smoking pot in the lobby. After being released the next morning, she accused the NYPD of sexually harassing her all before lashing out on Rihanna via Twitter yesterday. Poor Bynesy. [Gawker]

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