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5 things you absolutely must know today

1. Hundreds more evacuated from flooding in Fort McMurray 

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has ordered more than 400 residents in the low-lying Grayling Terrace and Draper Road areas to leave their homes due to expectations of heavy rainfall and the overflowing of the Hangingstone River. A boil water alert had been in place earlier in the week but was lifted yesterday. [Huffington Post]

2. 9.5 million litres of wastewater leaked in Zama City, AB

The wastewater pipeline leak near Zama City, AB, less than 100 kilometres from the Northwest Territories border, has affected more than 42 hectares, leaking chemicals containing hydrocarbons, radioactive material and other substances. The leak was first noticed on June 1 and comes out of Apache’s wastewater pipeline, in the province’s tenth largest produced water spill since 1975. [Huffington Post]

3. Manitoba Mayor wants cruise ship removed from slough 

Selkirk, MB Mayor Mayor Larry Johannson has asked for help from the provincial and federal governments to remove the rusted and burned-out remains of a former cruise ship stuck in a slough in Selkirk Park for the past 23 years. The city does not own the ship so legally it cannot move it without intervention from other levels of government. In 2012, the ship was set on fire and the upper deck was destroyed. [CBC]

4. Wendy’s in Brandon, MB abandons 9-patty T. Rex burger

Amazingly, a Brandon, Manitoba Wendy’s outlet has given up on serving their 9-patty, 3000 calorie-plus gift to humanity with 200 grams of fat. Sold for $21.99, the burger was born from a Sports Illustrated parody ad nine years ago, but when people began asking for it, the restaurant had no choice but to actually make and sell the heavenly creation. The store sold two-three per day before officially retiring the T. Rex burger.  [Brandon Sun]

5. 62nd annual Red River Exhibition opens today

The 2013 Red River Ex runs from today to June 23, kicking off the event’s concert series with Canadian country singer Jason Blaine and the Small Town Pistols on the mainstage at 8 p.m. This year, the ex will bring the 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron, who will demonstrate search-and-rescue techniques involving parachuting from a CC-130 Hercules aircraft onto landing areas on the exhibition grounds. Check ’em out. [Winnipeg Free Press]