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5 things you absolutely must know today

1. Explosions at Boston Marathon kill 3 people, injure more than 150

Just before 3 p.m. yesterday, two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 150. The violent explosions sent shrapnel flying low into the crowd of spectators lining the edge of the race, knocking people’s legs out from under them and resulting in numerous amputations. Officials are still unsure as to who is responsible for the attack.

Although it’s easy to focus on the individual(s) who committed this wanton violence, it’s also important to remember how many badass heroes suddenly stepped up, like the people who carried injured strangers to safety, or the people who, after running a goddamn marathon, continued running to the nearest hospital to donate blood. [CNN]

2. Iran hit with 7.8 magnitude earthquake

Less than a week after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in south-west Iran killed 37 people, a second, larger quake has struck the south-east coast near the Pakistani border. The earthquake hit a highly populated area of Iran, and though Iranian officials haven’t yet released information as to how many people were killed, initial estimates are in the hundreds.

If you’ve been thinking of traveling to Iran to experience its rich cultural history, it’s recommended you plan your trip in such a way that you don’t have to go within 100 metres of anything taller than you are. [New York Times]

3. Trader buys $1 billion in Apple shares, lies to brokerage

A trader is facing a maximum of 25 years in prison after he bought 1.625 million Apple shares, telling his employer, Rochdale Securities, that he had bought the shares for a customer (who had actually only ordered 1,625). David Miller bought the Apple shares the day before the electronics giant released its third-quarter results in Oct. 2012. Needless to say, Miller’s bet didn’t pay off, and Rochdale Securities ended up on the line for $5.3 million in losses, but at least now you have a story to tell your spouse if you get any flak for losing 50 bucks on the VLTs. [Globe and Mail]

4. Abusive basketball coach now coaching team of young girls

Mike Rice, the NCAA basketball coach who was fired and fined after pushing, kicking, and throwing basketballs at his players, is now coaching his twelve-year-old daughter’s team. And why not—I’m sure he’s changed his ways…

“He was a lunatic yesterday at Stone Bridge Middle School as well,” said former college basketball star Mike Vreeswyk, referring to Rice’s sideline behaviour.

Man, there must be a serious shortage of basketball coaches in New Jersey. [New York Post]

5. Psy single breaks record for most YouTube views in 24 hours

Korean rapper Psy, famous for his intricate lyricism and Paul McCartney-esque melodies “Gangham Style” and his crazy funny dance moves, has just moved out of one-hit wonder territory. His second single, “Gentleman,” broke Justin Bieber’s record for most YouTube hits in 24 hours, with a total of 22 million. As of writing this article, the video has amassed almost 100 million views. Instead of watching the video on repeat, I would personally recommend finding a nice dry cave to live in. [Daily Dot]

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