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A day with Creating a Scene

Whether it’s New York, Hollywood, Egypt, or all of the above, Creating A Scene is well equipped to transform any space in to whatever their clients desire.

The following are scenes from a day I worked with Creating A Scene as they set up a Paris-themed grad at the Marlborough hotel downtown.


Matt goes through the checklist after loading the truck to the gills.


Luckily the loading zone is open today, which is not always the case, especially during busy seasons.


Loading zones/service elevators aren’t always the most glamorous, but can provide a window into the workings of our old hotels.




The size of the service elevator is often the biggest factor when it comes to how long a set up will take.


Soon this ballroom will be filled with grads and parents celebrating a new beginning, now it’s just a work site.


Another factor in time is sharing the elevator with the locales.


One perk of a job where you have access to historic buildings in the city is exploring other potential ‘work sites’.


The 18′ Eiffel tower, custom made for this grad, standing strong seconds before it’s taken down and brought back to the warehouse.


That night matt works hard preparing for the Treasure Island themed grad the following day.


Christopher Friesen is – among a few other things – the photo editor for the Spectator Tribune.