Alistair Clark: Grotto Mountain wingsuit flight

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Alistair Clark jumping off of Grotto Mountain in Alberta in a wingsuit. Superman’s got nothing on this guy. I mean, this guy isn’t a fictional character, for starters. But, wow, this is quite the jump. Watching a man leap off a mountain, begin to plummet and then start to glide like a bird is quite the sight, even on video.

Apparently, Mr. Clark is the first person to ever “BASE jump wingsuit fly” off of this particular mountain near Canmore. And freelance photographer and filmmaker Simon Murphy of SNM Images was there to capture it all on video! Well, it seems that he strapped a few cameras to Alistair as well, unless he actually hung on to him as he took his flight, which I doubt. I must say though, I find the music to be a rather odd choice, but that doesn’t take away from the feat Mr. Clark accomplishes.