An excerpt from ‘Unvanishing’ by Terry Billings

This is interesting. I have no clue how someone can create this effect with video, but it is visually exciting. And, the music that the video is made to accompany works perfectly with it. Good job by all involved, and in particular, in the case of the video itself, Terry Billings

“”Unvanishing” was made to accompany a wind quintet composition by Jennifer Butler in a concert called “Surround Sound” by the Saskatoon Symphony’s Core group at Paved Arts. Inspired by the richly layered musical variations in Jennifer Butler’s composition “Seedlings”, a layered echo, reminiscent of Norman McLaren’s famous dance film “Pas de deux”, was applied to video of a Yellowlegs Sandpiper on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. The resulting “Pas seul” implicates A. M. Lippit’s observation that modernity sustains the disappearance of animals as a constant state of “perpetual vanishing”, and more specifically in the cinema as “spectral”.”