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Booze and bread

As Canadian’s, we revel in our kind, “peace-keeper” persona and are very proud to do so. Whether this remains, or ever was, an accurate description of our country, we would still rather call ourselves Canadian than anything else. Particularly when we’reĀ travelingĀ and are mistaken for American.

Despite our patriotism, there is no denying we have long been jealous of certain conveniences the United States offers.

But not anymore!

Many of the stores Prairie folk head down to the border for are expected to be established in Manitoba, or they already have. Our Prairie province is all set to get a Target, starting in Spring 2013. In the last year, or so, we’ve received a Forever 21, Hollister, and most recently, a Victoria’s Secret. And now, (way behind some other Canadian cities), Manitobans will be able to purchase their booze in the same place as their groceries.

This week, the first grocer, Pembina Valley Safeway, opened a Liquor Mart Express inside the store. Although grocery stores already sell other controlled substances at the cash register – cigarettes, pharmaceuticals – there’s something special and ultra-convenient about buying a bottle of wine with your dinner ingredients.

Personally, I think it just adds another thing to carry back to the car and it would still be easier to drop off the groceries and walk a few extra steps to the MLCC next door. But I definitely see the appeal, for some.

These Liquor Mart Expresses will not be opened in every Safeway; just in the ones where an MLCC is not close by. The goal is not competition, rather, convenience.

The official ribbon cutting of the first Express location will happen this Friday, December 7th. Let’s just hope we won’t be seeing guns an aisle over from our cereal next year.



Karmen Wells is an intern at the Spectator Tribune as the social media editor. Follow her on Twitter @araenae