Calgary in 4 minutes

I guess the title of this pretty much sums it up. Here is a video by Brendan Burn who is not originally from Calgary who gives us his view of the city. I feel he does a good job of showing the many sides of the Calgary, like the sprawling urban mass, the high speed highways, the nice quiet green spaces, a variety of seasons….it’s a surprisingly comprehensive look at the city. The end result is quite impressive.

“Not originally from the city of Calgary, I have decided to make a short clip to help others see the beauty of this city and her four seasons. Took me almost a full year to accomplish and lots of major events are not in the video (like the Stampeders).”

“Used in this film : mostly a Canon 60D and a bit of my 5D Mark III. Lenses: Canon EFs 18-155mm for wide angle, 24-105mm F4L for sharp scenes, Sigma 30mm F1.4 and Canon 50mm 1.8 in low light situation and DOF effect and a 70-300mm F4L for telephoto. Don’t be to rude on reviews please, it’s one of my first short clip using DSLR camera. The track used in this clip is Ode to LRC by Band Of Horses.”

I can’t imagine being rude if reviewing this clip, which he says is his first, as it’s really quite amazing and professional looking. Only positive reviews from me!