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Canada’s best restroom

I always check out the bathroom.

Even if I don’t need to go.  Sometimes I even send my male counterpart to check out the men’s washroom and report back (thanks, guys).

I do this because if a business owner has taken time and resources to invest in an interesting, inviting, or uniquely designed dining room, then maybe, just maybe, the bathroom is also super cool with attention paid to Air Care and purifying services.

It’s a little escape.  Your own private room (or at least stall) in the big scary public realm.

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And with the rise of the “bathroom selfie,” as seen on various social media venues, public washrooms are gaining new exposure.

There’s even a Winnipeg venue that garnered attention through their clever installation of the selfie-inducing-mirror-wall.  “can’t …look away… must… take out iphone…”

Now, public washrooms across Canada have a design contest to call their own.  Until the end of November, you can vote for your favourite of the top five finalists:

What about Winnipeg?  Do we have any restrooms of distinction?

Jaclyn Wiebe is the co-founder of FIRESIDE DESIGN BUILD INC., a Winnipeg based full-service design build company with a focus on custom residential renovation: