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How the MLCC stole Christmas

Imagine, if you will, a fantasy world where every holiday season, your employer rained down bottles of sub-loonie beer, wine for less than one Sir John A. Macdonald, and, of course, some of the hard stuff.

Until Tuesday, that’s exactly the lovely situation Manitoba Liquor Commission employees would find themselves in every year. But the MLCC decided to cancel the annual sale of discount booze deemed unfit to sell to their employees. Which is terrible timing, since we all know the apocalypse is beating down our doors in less than a month.

So, naturally, the union filed a grievance.

But why would the MLCC ruin everyone’s day? All they’ve really said so far is that they’re exploring “new options relative to non-saleable liquor products.” And also something about reviewing analysis and other corporate jargon. And I have a feeling that those 50-cent words have never sounded so cheap to the guy who sells you your booze.

There’s also the fact that the MLCC’s recent merger with Manitoba Lotteries Corporation could be the culprit, since, technically, this would be a benefit unavailable to Lotteries employees. After all, they don’t get any scratch cards deemed unfit to scratch.

Of course, for all the people out there who never get discounted booze around Christmas time, there are likely no feelings of sympathy being felt. Just cold, hard indifference as they stand in line at their local liquor store and pay full price for that special drink that levels the playing field at their in-laws’ holiday dinner.

But please: think of your fellow man or woman who’s had their discount booze ripped from their fingers after years of enjoying what could be one of the best perks of any job, anywhere. They’ll be hurting this winter.

Matt Williams is a writer and musician with a decent fantasy football team. Follow him on Twitter @WaterInHell .

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