Hundreds flock to Polo Park to hear what Tony Hawk thinks of Winnipeg getting the Jets back

By Matt Nightingale

Hundreds of Winnipeggers flocked to Polo Park Shopping Centre Monday to put pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk, on the spot regarding his thoughts on Winnipeg getting the Jets back.

Hawk, who rarely even thinks about the Jets, held a 45 minute meet-and-greet outside the Polo Park SportChek during which the skateboarding legend fielded questions about his personal reaction upon learning of the Jets’ 2011 return, the over-all reaction to the news in his hometown of San Diego, CA, and what fellow San Diego native Eddie Vedder thought about it.

“I don’t know Eddie Vedder,” said Hawk.

Asked if he’s ever been to a Jets game, Hawk responded, “No, and that’s the last time I’m answering that question.”

Hawk spent the remaining 20 minutes of the Q and A listening to a string of six year old boys talk about their respective birthday parties at Jets games.

Following the meet-and-greet, Hawk and his posse of skateboarders demonstrated their abilities on a half pipe while the weekday-drunk crowd chanted “GO-JETS-GO!” and occasionally ran across the half pipe because it was the fastest way to get to their friends.

Matt Nightingale is a comedian and writer from Winnipeg. Follow him on Vine and Twitter: @NightingaleMJ.