Introducing Project Citizenship

I like this Edmonton based initiative called Project Citizenship! Disability, schmisablity! Come on, we are all humans. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Let’s not divide ourselves because of them. Let’s understand them and celebrate them. “Project Citizenship is a pioneering initiative that aims at helping people with disabilities be seen and included in our communities as full contributing citizens.” Yay! Good work to all involved who have built this program. It’s wonderful to see.

According to the video description, “Project Citizenship is a social change initiative now in it’s second year. So far, we’ve told over 30 stories of people with disabilities and their engaged citizenship! Our partners include the University of Alberta Community Service Learning Program, SKILLS Society, and the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. Check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/projectcitizenship and on Twitter at @Project_Citizen.”

The Project Citizenship webpage has links to a series of video “Stories”  that “…give voice to universal themes that unite us all: the need for love and family, the joy that comes from helping others, the thrill of learning about new places and ideas, the empowerment that comes from contributing one’s gifts in meaningful ways, the strength that comes from belonging. These stories connect us as citizens who care about the world and about each other. The medium of Story is in many ways the change agent we are engaging with to learn from, inspire and help community see that people with disabilities meaningfully contribute in unique ways everyday.”