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Is: Over the Air

Over the Air is a post-rock group from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Their second album, Cold Hands, is a moving quintet of songs that slide easily from the forlorn to the cosmic to the assailably-yet-unrelentingly optimistic. Recently, the boys agreed to sit down and answer a few questions in the present tense.

Over the Air is…

  • Darnell Stewart: …a band from Saskatchewan. We play weddings and bar mitzvahs.
  • Dana Rempel: …a bunch of sweet, sweet dudes.
  • Eric Hayes: …theoretically, a visceral musical experience. Realistically, four guys with instruments.
  • Bob Moore: …four friends playing music, staying creative, and busting chops.


Happiness is…

  • Darnell: …a warm gun.
  • Dana: …a Doberman.
  • Eric: …unlimited, but not unearned, opportunity.
  • Bob: …love, family, friends, music, breakfast, cold beer, and comma usage.


Music made in Saskatchewan is…

  • Darnell: …worthy of your time.
  • Dana: …diverse and thrilling, to say the least.
  • Eric: …fantastic (present company excluded, of course)!
  • Bob: …inspiring, made by a humbling collection of artists.


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Las Vegas is…

  • Darnell: …designed to inflame the senses.
  • Dana: …a bad idea waiting to happen.
  • Eric: …the poor man’s New York.
  • Bob: …heaven on earth!


The best rock star in the history of the world is…

  • Darnell: …Kim Mitchell. He’s a wild party.
  • Dana: …Freddie Mercury. Come on, now.
  • Eric: …Paul McCartney. He’s never lost his class.
  • Bob: …Freddy Mercury.  No one else comes remotely close.


The difference between Star Trek and Star Wars is…

  • Darnell: …one is in the future, the other in the past.
  • Dana: …only, like, three letters.
  • Eric: …that Star Wars is worth watching.
  • Bob: …that Star Wars is waaaay better than Star Trek.


My first concert was…

  • Darnell: …Treble Charger at Buffalo Days in Regina.
  • Dana: …Diamond Rio, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
  • Eric: … Me, at four years old, playing ukulele at a retirement home.
  • Bob: …P.O.D. in Caronport, Saskatchewan.  So many dreadlocks.


The most played song on my iPod is…

  • Darnell: …Clueless Wonder by the Joel Plaskett Emergency.
  • Dana: …Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. No Jokes.
  • Eric: … Drake’s Marvin’s Room/Buried Alive (Interlude).
  • Bob: …Svo hljótt by Sigur Ros.


The best album of all time is…

  • Darnell: …Since I Left You by The Avalanches.
  • Dana: …a toss up. Bad by Michael Jackson or A Night at the Opera by Queen or De-Loused at the Comatorium by The Mars Volta.
  • Eric: …a loaded question! I’ll go with The Weekend’s Trilogy.
  • Bob: …Failure On by Beloved, or ( ) by Sigur Ros


Boats are…

  • Darnell: …good for transportation on water, and for gravy.
  • Dana: …candy-ass ships.
  • Eric: …wet! They’re fun on a hot day though.
  • Bob: …environmentally conscious because they run on water.


Love is…

  • Darnell: …about compromises, Zorak.
  • Dana: …heaven to the lonely.
  • Eric: …all you need.
  • Bob: …everything. The meaning of life.


Cold Hands -our new album-  is…

  • Darnell: …about adventure, loss, love and madness. Really light stuff.
  • Dana: …dark and conceptual.
  • Eric: …equal parts pensive, triumphant, and melancholy. Great for long, introspective drives.
  • Bob: …from our hearts to yours.


Cold Hands is available on iTunes. You can learn more about Over the Air by visiting

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