Jörg vom Leopoldplatz

We pass by people like Jörg almost every day. Sometimes we give a bit of change, sometimes not. Folks like Jörg fly under our radar much of the time. We see a man or woman like him on the streets, and we may get to know their face, or over time, even their name if we bother. But seldom do we hear their story. Berlin Screen Based Media student Thomas Dahm is able to, in just a few short minutes, capture a surprisingly deep and painful portrait of a broken person living on the fringe of society.

About Thomas Dahm: “My Name is Thomas Dahm, I am studying Screen Based Media in Berlin. Since I’m a child I have a passion for films and I am aiming to be in filmbusiness ever since. In contrast to the development of modern tv I want to make films, that people benefit from, not just in an entertaining way. Audio Visual Media is highly influencial and I want to make use of it, to open up peoples mind in an artistic kind of way.”