Kyle Cease presents: How to nail an audition/interview/date

So, you have an audition/interview/date you say? Have no fear, Kyle Cease is here. Kyle is a brilliant comedian, yes, but he also seems to have become somewhat of a life coach, self help, motivational speaker who has great wisdom to share with you! Ta da! And here is one of his many inspirational videos for you to enjoy.

Who is Kyle Cease you ask? Good question. Allow him to explain in his own words, directly copy and pasted from his website (kylecease.com):

“The Truth About Kyle

don’t know how to present myself to you. I am being myself as truthfully as I can be. I am someone who is an extremely experienced standup comedian. I am also someone who knows how to help people get better at doing stuff. I can take my comedy experience to get people out of nerves, I can get people out of fear and help people get exactly where they want to be.

The challenge is that people only see one world or the other. You are either a funny cynic, or a positive nut job. I am right in the middle of this. I am cynical. But I am cynical about doubt. I am cynical about fears. I believe THEY are the illusion.

I believe people are choosing to waste their lives. I believe people get addicted to being positive as a way to not change. I believe that anything is possible. But I am not just reposting Gandhi quotes. I constantly take action, beat out old habits and play with how much I can change. I try to share this with people. But often, they only see truth as inspiration, and inspiration as spam.”