Leaving Canada: A Washington Post video

Well, clearly this was done in the summer. The prairies aren’t looking quite as green, nor is the grass swaying in the breeze at the beginning of March. I am assuming this was shot last year.

As the description says, “As our team made the journey from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the U.S. border near Loring, Mont., we stopped at scenic spots along the highway. We visited a canola field, an ice cream shop and abandoned homes along the way.” So, the Washington Post came to Canada and hit all the high spots!

Actually, what has been put together is a lovely reminder of the warmth of the summer wind, and the faded beauty we are all very familiar with in this part of the world. Times have changed, with an older way of life making room for a newer one. And, what gets left behind is swallowed up by the land while still being part of our hearts and memories.