Not Perfect by Tim Minchin

Australian Tim Minchin is one of the most talented comedians on the planet, no debate required. It took a while to find a Tim Minchin video where the guy doesn’t swear in one of his songs. He doesn’t swear in this one! Yay. And, it happens to be one that is less on the funny side, and more on the reflective and autobiographical side. It’s still funny, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as hilarious as some of his songs are. But this is what I love about him. He can pour his heart out in a song like this, and then turn around and do a song that is completely ridiculous and filled with low brow humour, and pull them both off perfectly.

If you don’t already know about Tim Minchin, be sure to check out his website, timminchin.com.