Our Community Comes Together! Calgary flood cleanup at The Children’s Cottage Society

Of course, there are many tragic stories that have come out of Alberta after the recent flooding in that province. The Children’s Cottage Society Crisis Nursery is a particularly sad case given the nature of the facility being affected. But, Calgarians are proving that they are more than willing to help their neighbours and the kids in their community, whether they know them or not, in a time of need. It gives this very sad story a wonderful happy ending.

“HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS! Search Twitter for #yychelps to find Calgarians in need!

A BIG THANKS to all the volunteers, contractors, first responders, business owners and neighbors that have come together in the face of this natural disaster. Calgary rocks!

On Sunday, June 23, 2013 residents in the community of Bridgeland were permitted to return to their homes and survey the damage from the #abfloods. This is the story of how Calgarians came together to help the Children’s Cottage Society Crisis Nursery recover from the damage and get the kids back home.”

The video was put together by Re Carlson of Abtek.ca Media.