Parkour in Alberta

Crazy stuff. I would never be able to do this parkour deal because, frankly, I would kill myself. But, I love watching it. And this is a nice little video highlighting not only the incredible athletic skill required for parkour, but the gorgeous scenery to be found in Alberta.

“I had a great time shooting this over the summer, we got together for 5 different days exploring the outer edges of Calgary and Banff, A special thanks to all the guys involved for helping me carry my gear around (Riley, Rob and Ilia! also my spousie Alicia Polvi, she helped carry some gear too! =)

some of that gear includes:
Canon 5D MKII / 16-35 2.8L
Glidecam HD4000
Sony FS700 rented from the lovely people down at Vistek Calgary

Check out Breathe Magazine “Parkour without borders” here!: issuu.com/breatheparkour/docs/issue_3_breathe_parkour_mag

The track used can be purchased here!: