‘Please Stare’, in Regina, curated by John Hampton

Here is an interesting concept as part of an aka artist-run gallery project. Seeing as they have written it up best, I shall now refer you to the below explanation of what is going on here.

“‘Please Stare’ was a unique public art project presented by Neutral Ground and Soil Digital Media Suite, and hosted in Saskatoon by aka gallery.

Throughout Regina and Saskatoon silent video art was surreptitiously planted amongst digital billboards. Following the same format as—and placed amongst—other advertisements, these videos comment on the nature of advertisement and public visual space. The Artists in Please Stare draw parallels between adculture and artistic production by playfully adopting and critiquing the psychosocial aesthetics of the ad.

Featuring seven of Canada’s most engaging video artists:
Dana Claxton
Dominique Rey
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins
Jon Sasaki
Kelly Mark
Lee Henderson
Curated by John G. Hampton

Additional technical assistance provided to the artists by Western Front, Trinity Square Video and Video Pool.Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts with the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Sask Culture, City of Regina, Sask Lotteries.Co-sponsored by Digital Skies Billboard Network.”