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Calgary’s international law program, Saskatchewan set to erect statue of first premiere, Edmonton gets double dose of Mother Mother, and Winnipeg hotel becomes luxury apartment complex.

Barret Schitka is the first University of Calgary student in joint program

Houston, we have a program.  The University of Calgary and the University of Houston have come together for a joint program which allows law students to earn both Canadian and American law degrees. At the end of this program students will be able to apply for jobs in both Canada and the U.S. Barret Schtika is the first University of Calgary law student enrolled.

Ian Holloway, the dean of the University of Calgary’s faculty of law, says, “It’s a flagship program that we developed in partnership with the University of Houston, reflective of the Houston-Calgary axis, which is really the backbone of the North American energy industry.”

Schitka was born and bred in Calgary but moved to Houston in August to be a part of this program. “There are a few other dual degree programs in Canada. What’s unique about this program, is its focus on energy and natural resources law,” he says.



 Saskatchewan legislature grounds gets Walter Scott statue

Great Scott! Premiere Brad Wall announced on Monday that a statue of Saskatchewan’s first premiere Walter Scott would soon be erected in his honour in Queen Elizabeth II gardens on the legislature grounds.

“If there was one individual, and I think there was, responsible for making sure that our legislature in all its grandeur became a reality, one person who believed that this province, our province, was destined for greatness and needed a capitol building worthy of that ambition, it was Walter Scott,” said Wall.

Scott’s legacy included him naming Regina as the provinces capital, heading up the Rural Municipality Act, and aiding in the establishment of the University of Saskatchewan.

The sculpture will show Scott holding blue prints of the Legislative building, it will cost the province $90,000 and stand near the north end of the gardens. It will be erected in June 2013.


 Mother Mother plays 2 concerts in Edmonton

Everyone’s a critic, and Mother Mother may not always get the love they deserve, but they are still feeling it more than fellow Canadian band Nickleback. The Vancouver pop rockers will be in Edmonton on Thursday and Friday to deliver up the quirky and spasmodic tunes they have become known for. The engine of this band is powered by the sweet vocals of Ryan Guldemond (often compared to that of a chipmunk), Jasmin Parker and his sister Molly.

The band has released four albums in seven years, and, Guldemond, during that time, has always done what he wanted to do. He likes challenging listeners with the unexpected like when he had his father recite a Dutch poem on The Cry Forum, a raspy number on their 2012 album The Sticks.

Friday’s show is sold out but there are still tickets available to Thursday show at the Edmonton Event Centre where Hannah Georgas will open.



 Place Louis Riel to become luxury apartment complex

The Place Louis Riel hotel will be transforming their 300 suites into one and two bedroom luxury apartments over the next two years. The downtown hotel has 23 floors renovations have already begun on seven of them; completion is expected over the next year.

John Saad, the general manager of Place Louis Riel, said the Edmonton-based company Westcorp recognizes the housing shortage in Winnipeg and wants to help by redeveloping the downtown core.

“This will help support that vision of, you know, really getting some more people living in the core, spending in the core, shopping in the core, and really rejuvenating it,” Saad said Tuesday.

Place Louis Riel started off as an apartment complex when it first opened in 1970 and it now will come full circle. There is no word what the rent will be for these new luxury suites.

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