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Calgary’s Christmas Lego competition, Shakespeare in Saskatchewan, Edmonton nightclub offers free cab rides, and warming up to Winnipeg’s art scene


Unknown A Giant Lego Christmas Calendar

What better way to build the hopes of children than with Lego. Tina Petersen, the organizer of the Ho Ho Lego Competition, is calling on all to dig out the their ugly Christmas sweaters and break out their Lego for this fun fundraiser.  The hope is to raise $3,000 for a new playground in the northwest community of Calgary’s Ranchlands .

“I wanted to do something at Christmas for the kids…I wanted to do something to help our school raise money for the playground, and I love Lego” said the mom of two. “You walk through our house without slippers at your own peril.”

Families who want to enter can do so ahead of time, or come down to Ranchlands Community Centre before 10:20 a.m. on the day of Dec. 22. Registration is only $5 and all who enter will receive a prize of some sort. If you would rather just sit back and watch the creations, then feel free to soak in the atmosphere and purchase some snacks as all proceeds go towards a new place where children can play.



images-1Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Double double, toil and trouble; there will be blades flying in  Saskatoon’s downtown this summer and they won’t be of the roller variety. The Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan festival will be celebrating its 28th year this summer with MacBeth and the comedy of errors for its July 10th– August 25th run.

Matt Burgess is returning for his 12th year with the festival and will be taking on the lead role of Macbeth, he is excited for the production and says that it will give people the opportunity to experience Shakespeare the way it was meant to be.

“When Shakespeare wrote it, it was never meant to be read in a classroom. It was meant to be performed on a stage,” said Burgess. “It is something that is alive and exciting, and it has a lot of themes and ideas that connect to today.”

Burgess will be on stage alongside Cassidy Thomson, another fellow veteran of the festival who will be playing Lady Macbeth.

Polanski’s MacBeth Fight Scene:



images-2Edmonton nightclub offers free taxi rides

The Treasury Vodka Bar and Eatery will be serving up more than food and drinks. For the remainder of 2012, they will be serving up cab rides, on the house. Many Edmontonians responded in disgust after a tweet leaked the location of a police Checkstop on Friday night. The nightclub said the tweet was sent out by a former employee through their account and  they announced in a statement on Saturday that they will be offering a complimentary taxi service to their patrons until the end of 2012.

Staff Sgt. Ray Akbar says, “That type of messaging, especially over social media, enables drunk drivers to be on the road.”

Edmonton police believe that this type of social media allows criminal behavior to continue and while no laws were actually broken it puts public safety at risk. According to the response to the tweet, many of the people of Edmonton agree.

In an interview Stephanie Gardener told CTV News, “Cops are there to make sure drunk drivers are off the street and that’s important so I don’t think they should be doing that.”

Live from Daryl’s house “Cab Driver”




Taking in the Christmas lights at the Taylors

It is easy to give going outside the cold shoulder once the temperature drops, but, truth be told, Winnipeggers have a myriad of outdoor activities going on in their community.

If you are looking for something indoors, there is a new exhibit at the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art. The exhibit is called My Winnipeg: Winter Kept Us Warm. It explores the underworld of Winnipeg’s art scene and features the Guy Maddin film Cowards Bend the Knee. It runs until January 12.

This Thursday you could have your gut shake like a bowl full of jelly as you get your laugh on at the Comedy Festival hosted at the Gas Station Theatre. If you buy in to the Mayan end-of–the-world prediction or at least find it interesting the Planetarium Theatre is showing Ancient Skies, Ancient Mysteries.

If you are willing to brave the cold you can see our Prairie sky in its entire winter solstice splendor. On December 20, take in the night sky from Oak Hammock Marsh’s rooftop observatory. Admission is $6. If you are looking for some family fun, you can get on board with the holidays with Christmas with the Taylors, who are celebrating their 16th year of offering a train ride through their winter wonderland.



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