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Calgary’s cuddlers, Regina’s costly sewage plant upgrade, Edmonton’s getting the Price is Right Live, and King of Pop tour comes to Winnipeg.

In the company of strangers at a Cuddle Party

Is the world getting you down, or are you just not feeling the love? Well you can always hug it out at a Cuddle Party.  Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, both relationship counselors conceived the cuddle back in February 2004. The goal of a cuddle party is for people to experience affection in a safe, structured environment. Some of the rules include: always arrive on time, make sure you receive a verbal yes by the person you choose to cuddle, dress comfortable over sexy, and those comfy clothes must stay on at all times.

“The response I got was absolutely overwhelming. It didn’t just give people a place — a safe place to be, just as they are, it also created a community,” says Rovena Skye, a Cuddle Party facilitator in Calgary.

Some may find it strange to get cozy in the company of strangers, but it is getting people like Anna Alexander out of her comfort zone and into one.

“It can be very isolating living in Calgary. Prior to coming to a cuddle party, I would be lucky to get a hug once a month. I’m going to get 20 hugs tonight—easy,” she said.

According to Cuddle Party’s website, Calgary is Canada’s most active city when it comes to cuddling and many will be coming out on Friday for an End of the World themed cuddle party.



Unknown-2City of Regina spending millions on upgrade to new sewage plant

Regina’s new upgrade to their waste-water treatment facility is going to cost a pretty penny and Mayor Michael Fougere is standing behind it. There have been some concerns after it was learned that the upgrade to the sewage treatment plant would cost $238 million, which exceeds the expected costs by tens of millions. The mayor’s first estimate was soon adjusted for inflation and other cost factors.

“As we move forward, the costs are more clear, the report we have before us is really an update of where we’re at with the project and what those costs could be,” said Fougere. “We have until December 31st of 2016 to meet provincial guidelines and we must do it, it has to be done.”

Several years ago it was estimated a project like this would cost the city $153 million give or take 20 per cent. Now the estimate sits at $207 million give or take 15 per cent. A price tag of $238 million is the worst-case scenario.  The city will be borrowing $150 million to pay for it and there will be a 9 per cent annual increase to water and sewage bills.



Unknown-3 Price is Right Live is coming to Edmonton

Some lucky ones will be heading on to the Showcase Showdown, if that’s your thing. The Price is Right Live is coming to Edmonton at the Jubilee Auditorium on March 10.  Just like the show, contestants will be pulled from the audience for their chance to win automobiles, trips, and big money.

While TV’s Drew Carey won’t be in attendance, Mark L. Wahlberg will be hosting the live edition, he is known as the host from the U.S edition of Antiques Roadshow. Fans of the Price is Right can expect to see a lot of their favourite games such as Cliffhanger, Plinko, and of course the Big Wheel.

Tickets will range from $35 to $59.50 plus service fees and go on sale Friday through Live Nation. All are welcome, but to “Come on down” contestants must be 19 years of age.

The Price Is Right “She needs to Pee” clip



Unknown-6 Kenny Wizz impersonating the King of Pop

The way he makes you feel will be as close to seeing the man himself. Kenny Wizz who was always told even as boy he bared an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson will be coming to Winnipeg for the HIStory tour. Fans of the King of Pop will be able to relive their favourite memories of the superstar through all his hits, ranging from the days of Jackson Five to those from his chart topping solo career albums such as Thriller and Dangerous.

This show has been touring since 2011 with many stops along the way including South Africa, South Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Tickets will go on sale Monday March 4th at 10 a.m. for this April 13th show and range in price from $79.25 to $99.75.

Kenny Wizz performs Billie Jean:



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