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Calgary Parking App, Saskatchewan Roughriders’ hot limited shirt, Edmonton boss goes undercover on TV, and Winnipeg’s Idle No More.

New App helps Calgarians find parking spots

The days of driving in circles cursing over parking is coming to an end for many Calgarians. A new App launched by the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) will help you find available parking spots on Calgary streets and in parkades.

“That’s a real-time data feed that comes from our system because we have detection in our parkades, and that gives you an up to date, minute-to-minute, parking availability,” says CPA general manager Troy McLeod.

With a click of a button, this App will connect you to the main office to provide assistance to drivers with roadside problems such a flat tire or dead battery. If you’ve lost your head and can’t seem to remember where you parked your vehicle, this App will also help you find it.


Unknown Saskatchewan Roughriders makes light of situation with shirt

The Regina Mosaic Stadium takes a crack at selling holiday warmth gone wrong on a t-shirt. The t-shirt reads “I survived the great fire of 2012 at Mosaic Stadium.”  The fire in question was only on giant screens in the football field displaying a holiday fireplace.

From a distance at night, the flames of the fake fire looked real enough to warrant calls to the local fire department. Soon after, officials made the decisions to put out the fire and replace it with a simple message of Seasons Greetings.

While the shirt was displayed as a limited edition it turns out to be very limited indeed. CBC news learnt later on Wednesday that only one was produced and hung on a rack to show that the organization has a good sense of humour about the video mishap.


7723539-1.binEdmonton’s Andy Clark is an undercover boss

Andy Clark of Edmonton-based Clark Builders founded his construction firm in Yellowknife during the mid-1970s. He is set to appear in an upcoming episode of Canada’s version of the hit TV show Undercover Boss.

The show allows bigwigs to blend into their own companies using fake aliases in an attempt to see exactly what their workers go through on the frontlines. The filming of this episode featuring Clark was shot in Yellowknife where it all began for him and will air on January 31, according to a spokesperson of the company.

The Canadian show starts it’s third season on January 17 and will air on the W network. This will be the first time an Edmonton-based company is represented on the show.  Kicking off the season will be CEO of Wild Wing Restaurants Rick Smickilas. Other companies to have their 15 minutes of fame this season will include Beck Taxi, Orkin Canada, and Bellstar Hotels and Resorts.


Unknown-1 Idle No More demonstration in Winnipeg on Friday

It is a movement that has been sweeping across Canada, and Winnipeg will be hosting another demonstration on Friday to promote the rights of First Nations people.  Organized by youth leaders of Winnipeg, 1700 people will be at the Forks in support of Idle No More. University of Manitoba student, Kyra Wilson is one of the organizers.

“I think that by having this movement, with the youth leading, it allows people to feel like they’re a part of something bigger, and promote change themselves rather than waiting for something to happen at a provincial or federal level,” said Wilson.

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence wants to see more respect for treaties from Ottawa. She began a hunger strike on December 11th as a fight for this cause. The goal of the demonstrators with the Idle No More movement is to join her in solidarity.  According to NDP MP Paul Dewar who visited Spence at her tipi where she is camping out less than a kilometer from Parliament Hill, she is in good health.

Idle No More  (Turtle Island) link:



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