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Royal Canoe plays Beck, Regina ‘boarder turns heads, Saskatoon gets on science map, Calgary pilots want space, and Edmonton festival receives international nod.


Royal Canoe plays Beck

Winnipeg band Royal Canoe, of intense local fame and critical acclaim beyond the perimeter, will be performing an album by Beck that has only been released as sheet music. The concert will take place Feb. 2, 11 p.m., at Pantages Playhouse.

The event is part of Pop Nuit, a pop-focused arm of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival.

Check out this video of Royal Canoe in studio performing a piece from Beck’s Song Reader:

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Protein structure pictured does not reflect the one discovered.

 Saskatoon lab boasts protein discovery

Scientists at Saskatoon’s Canadian Light Source have discovered the structure of a protein that stops viruses from spreading, a truly amazing find that will help revolutionize the way many viral diseases are fought.

The long-term implications of such discoveries are often significant, and go unsung if not immediately known. Congratulations to the scientists. We, as everyday people wanting to live, survive, thank you.

The finding will result in the availability of new drugs that better target the body’s immune system.

“This discovery of the IFIT protein structure is very rewarding to us at the Canadian Light Source,” Shaun Labiuk, research associate with the Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility at the CLS, said in a news release.


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Regina snowboarder lights up mountain

Regina’s Mark McMorris opened the tickle trunk and pulled out tricks never before seen in the snowboard world, earning him a gold, and a ton of respect at last weekend’s X Games held at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. He pulled off a slopestyle triple cork, flawlessly, and to the amazement of American X Games phenom Shaun White.

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This week’s new trick gets old and boring almost immediately in the sport of snowboarding, it seems. McMorris’s brother, Craig, told Leader-Post that the sport has a steep learning curve. White, who is a household name in the sport, partly because America chose him and partly because he is just plain good at what he does, conceded that McMorris did things last weekend he couldn’t compete with.

Slopestyle, in contrast to half pipe, will be an Olympic sport for the first time in Sochi, Russia, and McMorris is a sure contender for gold.


We’re not sure who this is, but we’re pretty sure this flight took place in the ’80s.

Helicopter enthusiasts want their space

I speak for myself, and everyone else over 30 who has ever operated a remote-controlled helicopter: Where were these when I was a kid?

The Calgary RC Heli Club is fighting for a designated field to fly their helicopters. City bylaws prohibit the enthusiasts, or anyone else, for that matter, from recreational flying in parks and streets.

These helicopters have dropped in price significantly over the past few years, making the hobby quite popular. If the consumer (me) is willing to pay more than $50 for an RC helicopter, they are getting something semi-professional. And, the problem with affordable, advanced technologies is: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The club is seeking about two to four hectares away from buildings and visual obstructions.



Elements receives international nod

The Elements Music Festival in Edmonton took place over two nights in April, attracted controversy and about 17,000 party goers, forced the city to consider banning dance parties, and is now nominated for Best Music Festival at the International Dance Music Awards in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

After the party last April, a reported 29 people were treated for symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse, a number large enough for the city to consider prohibiting dance parties.

Elements is up against festival heavyweights such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, etc. The award will be handed out between March 15 and 24.


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