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Edmonton’s pinched treats, Winnipeg Convention Centre expands, Calgary director signs on for sequel, and Saskatchewan looks into asbestos


Baba’s Own homemade perogies

Picture it: 2012, St. Michael’s Long Term Care Center in north Edmonton; a dying art lives on, as six Ukrainian Babas pinch closed between 250-300 dozen perogies a day at Baba’s Own Perogies. All six of the Babas perfected the art of perogy making before immigrating to Canada from the Ukraine.

“Making perogies by hand is a dying art,” says Cheryl Ostermayer, sales consultant for Baba’s Own. “There are companies out there that offer ‘homemade style,’ but our perogies are actually handmade.”

This dying art is definitely a labour intensive process, you have to make the filling, the dough and then put the two together. These experts say that a commercial perogy isn’t a perogy at all and that theirs are based on old-age recipes and there is rarely a defective one. Just a like a true Ukrainian kitchen, the Baba’s speak back and forth in Ukrainian with music from their culture in the background. And every now and then a dance may break out.

It was the residents of St. Michael’s who actually started the perogy-making tradition. They missed the traditional Ukrainian foods they had grown up with, so they began making perogies for dinner once a week. The dinners became so popular that some Babas were hired to do this regularly. Baba’s Own label can be found at select Sobey’s and IGA locations in the Edmonton area.


Convention Centre expansion to start in 2012

Downtown Winnipeg has endured many expansions and face lifts over the last few years, and now one more can be added to the list.  Work to expand the three-storey Winnipeg Convention Centre that opened in 1975 will begin soon, officials say, and can be expected to be complete by 2015.  The expansion will nearly double the size of the centre.

Convention centre president Klaus Lahr said the expansion completion date is set for New Year’s Eve 2015.

The expansion will create a total of 147,000 square feet of contiguous space that will be able to host up to 700 more exhibit booths. Once complete, it will be the fourth largest convention centre in Canada, after Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.



Calgary director Michael Dowse signs on for sequel

The good ol’ hockey game will be scoring big for movie fans once again, as Calgary director Michael Dowse signs on for a sequel to Goon, according to a slew of tweets from actor, and co-writer Jay Baruchel of the original film starring Sean William Scott.

Dowse got his start in Calgary with the low-budget, yet very popular moc-doc FUBAR.

The original Goon earned Dowse a nomination from the Directors Guild of Canada. The first film was shot in Winnipeg, and it has not yet been confirmed if the location and all the loveable actors will remain the same. At any rate many will be happy to see Doug “the thug” Glatt lace up again and fight.

Goon Trailer:


Saskatchewan creates asbestos-information website

Got asbestos? This is not a question residents of Saskatchewan will have to ask much longer, after Workplace Minister Don Morgan announced Tuesday that the province will be creating a website that will make public known to all provincial buildings that contain asbestos.

“What we would like to do … is take every step we can to have a greater amount of public knowledge, public understanding and ensure that contractors or people that are working in areas where asbestos is located know about it and know the steps that they need to take,” says Morgan.

The best approach to take, says Morgan, is to assume that all buildings before 1980 contain asbestos. According to Morgan, about 80 per cent of provincial buildings will in fact contain it. Many buildings already on the register will include equipment storage buildings; many court houses and the provincial legislature.  The registry follows the death last week of Howard Willems, a former building inspector, who died from mesothelioma, which is a rare form of cancer that comes from inhaling asbestos fibres.

What is asbestos:



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