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Prairie Daily: ‘Racist’ Kelly Block flyer, Paul Hardy, parties and expos


Protestors gather at MP’s office over ‘racist’ flyer

Saskatoon: A poorly-worded pamphlet Conservative MP Kelly Block sent to her constituents sang the praises of the Conservative Party for making it hard for refugees to receive health benefits. This, according the hundreds protesting outside her office Saturday, calling the mailout racist.

“New arrivals to Canada have received dental and vision care paid for by your tax dollars — not anymore,” read the flyer.

Block went on record, saying a draft version of the flyer was distributed accidentally. The news story does, however, go on to say Block defends the cuts.

 Paul Hardy party dazzles Calgary

Calgary, known for its famous stampede, is now apparently on the fashion map. Designer Paul Hardy held a day-long bash over the weekend celebrating his label’s 10-year anniversary. The event hosted at Hardy’s Inglewood studio featured such fancies as valet parking, complimentary libations, a chance to meet tastemakers and, generally, cool, well-dressed people. A great party, indeed. Plus, and this may be a rare thing for people of fame, Hardy is allegedly a nice guy.

Hardy’s spring/summer 2013 collection was unveiled at the celebration.

Comic and toy lovers unite in Edmonton

This particular gathering of comic lovers, a once-alienated group increasingly finding acceptance in this world, was the first of its kind in Edmonton. Lee Majors, of Six Million-Dollar Man fame, was the special guest at the event, where he pondered the good old days fighting Andre the Giant’s character, bigfoot. Majors, 73, told the comic-loving crowd he wished he had bionic knees after all the injuries he’s suffered doing his own stunts: “Bigfoot kicked my ass! That fight took all day to shoot.”

Over 12,000 people attended the Collectible Toy and Comic Show.

A weekend to be proud of in Winnipeg, culturally speaking

The Winnipeg Art Gallery celebrated its centennial Saturday and the city’s West End Cultural Centre put on series of shows commemorating its 25-year anniversary the same day. A big weekend for Winnipeg, to be sure. For the cultural centre, the event filled with performances of songs played at the venue over the years was, in part, a pat on the back earned for becoming a successful organization, despite setbacks.


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