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Removing the inhibitions from exhibitions, putting the art back in party

by Andrew Eastman

You round the corner. You hear laughter, chatter, and a musical hook you can’t resist pulsing from within the space. You walk in. You’ve been here before. Familiar, yet unfamiliar all at once. You’ve never seen the place this packed before.

A DJ is lost, deep in the musical world she is spinning from her fingertips. A handful of people are dancing in the corner. One of them is your best friend. The others are people you can’t wait to meet. In another corner, a group of people are sharing scissors and glue sticks, working on an enormous communal collage. The smell of something sweet being sautéed is wafting from the back room. A man holding a champagne glass full of something sparkling passes by you, smiling.

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Instinctively, you start to weave your way through the crowd toward the bar. Before you make it there, however, your eye catches a glimpse of beauty and commands your feet to stop. You turn and find yourself standing in front of a stunning work of art. It’s like nothing you have seen before. After letting the work of art wash over you for a few minutes, you lean over to the woman next to you and tell her you love the piece and that it would look amazing over the loveseat in your living room. The woman responds with a bashful smile and a thank you. You look around the room and see a dozen more beautiful works of art hanging on the walls. Your favourite song starts to play. You buy yourself and the artist a drink. It’s going to be a great night.

This is the vibe we strive to create at every Synonym event.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome, while also surprising them with new, organic ways to experience art. Art is something to be enjoyed while living life, doing the things we love and not necessarily only in a sterile white room, keeping our voices down. It is when we are eating, drinking, laughing, sharing stories, dancing, and having a good time that great art is elevated to something even more meaningful.

It’s easy for us to imagine this concept with music. Our favourite songs are the ones we associate with amazing memories (the first time we were kissed, that night on the dock, or that trip to Barcelona). So why not with visual art? We want to create unique party spaces for you to experience new art and forge new memories in. Come check out some of our upcoming events!


“Lady Beings” by Matea Radic, featuring Places for Peanuts and music by Nitemares

Saturday, August 24th 2013, 7pm @ The Hive Hair Company (175 Osborne st.)

*Matea’s simultaneously delicate and bold work will fill the hair salon, while haircuts, live drawing by the Places for Peanuts drawing collective, an all-new DJ set by Nitemares and a bar will keep you there for the party! $5.00 cover.


“Thickened with Legend” by Gabrielle Funk and Mat Lacosse featuring music and video by Rhayne Vermette

Thursday, September 19th, 9pm @ Deseo Bistro (696 Osborne st.)

*Dance the night away to a DJ set by Rhayne Vermette in one of Winnipeg’s most beautiful restaurants, surrounded by Gabby and Mat’s stunning new series. FREE.

“u & us pt.1”

Nuit Blanche Event in partnership with Rainbow Trout and Graffiti Art Programming

Saturday September 28th 2013, 6pm-9pm @ Graffiti Gallery (109 Higgins ave.)

*Kick off Winnipeg’s biggest cultural event of the year and help send off the Rainbow Trout Bike Jam Gallery Crawl with a classic community block party outside Graffiti Gallery! Think jump ropes, face paint, boom boxes, bikes, BBQ, sidewalk chalk, and of course… art! Muster all your creative powers and come decorate your bike, your clothes, yourself and collaborative, live art pieces! Together, u & us can accomplish great things! FREE.

“u & us pt.2”

Nuit Blanche Event in partnership with Rainbow Trout and Union Sound Hall

Saturday September 28th 2013, 9pm-3am @ Union Sound Hall (110 Market ave.)

*The ultimate union of art, partying, and participation… Come see the art that YOU helped create at Graffiti Gallery hung on the walls of Union Sound Hall! Also, check out, new visual art by Jeannine Saurette, dance performances by Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, live music by Hana Lulu, a performance by contortionist Samantha Halas, DJ sets by Scott Shanks and Mike B, food by Table Manners, and projections by some of Winnipeg’s most talented artists! Come contribute your spirit and energy to this bold, colourful, one-of-a-kind event! Together, u & us can create an unforgettable event!! FREE.

And there is plenty more where that came from! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram by searching “Synonym Art Consultation” for more updates. See you at the party!


Synonym is a local arts initiative based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, run by Chloe Chafe and Andrew Eastman. Synonym specializes in art consultation for hospitality and retail establishments, as well as artist representation, and event management.