Shiftwood Sculpture: Fishsticks

I enjoy this style of sculpture, when an artist goes out into nature and creates right on the spot using what they find there. This particular artist is Sky King Wulf of Shiftwood Sculpture, and he has an interesting approach to his art:

“This form is made with gravity and moved by the wind and water. It responds to forces generated by the entire planet and solar system. With lines that reach from the center of the earth to the edge of the universe.

It is a story, plain and simple. About plants, animals and places that have existed for millions of years before we got here. They have eminent domain and we depend on that.

It is a Primal form. We instinctively know when an object is balanced. The forms evoke, I think, ancient reactions to the natural world around us.

This form does not require any trees to be cut down. It does not remove anything from the “System”. It creates no waste of any kind. The only thing I burn is gas to get to the beach and calories once I get there. Once I am done, I leave it there. If I take wood off the beach, I bring it back to the place I removed it from. It’s a form of respect.

The only message is: Slow down, unplug and open your eyes and ears. Shut your mouth. Look, listen, touch, smell and taste. And feel the world around you using your entire attention. It’s worth it.”

You can see more of his sculptures on his flickr page.