Spaca Moskalyk timelapse

Just a short timelapse video of the Spaca Moskalyk. I originally planned to shoot a timelapse here showing the stars moving through the night sky and then capturing the almost full moon rise and light up the church. As you can see it was a little too cloudy, but I did capture a small amount of moonlight on the church.

This building was slated to be burned on March 9th 2013, but has since been on hold because of public interest in preserving the church.

You can view a photo I took earlier in the evening that shows a little bit of northern light activity here, flickr.com/photos/mikeisaak/8518450097/in/photostream.”

Wow, this is a stunning historic building in Mundare, Alberta. Apparently, it is 89 years old, has fallen into disrepair and was scheduled to be burned, but that has been put on indefinite hold, and the structure remains standing! But for how long? Time will take it’s course and nature will begin to swallow the church. But, as long as it stands, I’m sure it will be the subject of many photographs and videos into the future, much like this one done by Mike Isaak.