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Spectator Tribune is only growing. Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Indiegogo campaign! To date we have raised over $600.00 and we are excited about the support that has been shown to us so far.

The Spectator Tribune is a website that I believe in. Being the Alberta Editor and a contributor for The Spectator Tribune is a job I love and one that I take very seriously. The Spectator Tribune was an idea borne out of a wish to encourage and broadcast the exciting things happening in the prairies. It really is a site like no other – dedicated to getting news out about this beautiful area of the country that is sometimes forgotten about in mainstream media. The Spectator Tribune is a safe place where artists from Saskatoon and small communities in Calgary can be profiled alongside sports teams like the Winnipeg Jets and movies like James Bond. The diversity of the content and quality of our writers is what makes The Spectator Tribune truly special.

I have had a lot of fun coming up with story ideas, interviewing people and seeing my work published online. The work of a writer is often time-consuming and difficult – especially for a writer who wants to offer up their very best. As the Alberta Editor I’ve seen this first-hand through my interaction with the writers from across the province and our shared goal of crafting an article or profile that gets the right message across in a way that is appealing and honest. I’ve taken great pleasure from working with these writers to get their stories out there – stories about Alberta teachers, city infrastructure, the local music scene, start-ups and courageous Albertan entrepreneurs. Stories about people and issues that wouldn’t find an audience if not for The Spectator Tribune. The positive response I’ve received from readers has only spurned me on to create and deliver the best content I can from a province that is so much more than oil and cowboys. The Spectator Tribune allows for this; it is a corner of the Internet where stereotypes are stripped away and you are left with the truth of the Prairies, the truth that is found in all of our endeavors. I feel like I have a story to tell here – a story that is uniquely Albertan, and I plan on delivering that to our readers.

This is all to say that The Spectator Tribune is important and I believe that with time it will flourish into the go-to site for everything prairies. Through our Indiegogo campaign we have given you, our reader, a unique opportunity to support this website and the prairies. As a donor you can choose to give any amount you want – you aren’t restrained to the amounts listed on the campaign page. Give as much or as little as you wish, and know that your donation is going to help keep The Spectator Tribune around for years to come. Supporting the writers who work so hard to deliver excellent content supports the overall story that is being told by the people of the Canadian prairies. There is much to explore here and much to discover.

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Small business

Aside from supporting the website, there are great incentives if you are a small business or if you have something you’d like to promote on the site. This is an opportunity for you to gain exposure for that start-up you’re trying to get off the ground, or for your band that’s starting its first Canadian tour, or maybe for your Etsy shop that could use a promotional push. We want to give back to you just as you give to us, and redeeming one of our promotional rewards is an excellent way to do that.

The Spectator Tribune is only growing. It’s been around since October 2012 and in that time it has uncovered its voice and has developed into an integral platform for the exciting things happening in the prairies. Thank you for visiting our site, thank you for supporting us by spreading the word through social media or good old-fashioned word of mouth. Thank you for considering a donation to this project. We all really appreciate it and I promise to continue trying my hardest to cover the events and happenings in Alberta as best as I can.

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