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More than 100 dead in Taliban attack on school in Pakistan

Militants from the Tehreek-e-Taliban stormed a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan on Tuesday killing 126 people, according to news reports. The majority of victims were students in the Grade 1 to 10 school. Half a dozen gunmen entered the school, shooting at random, said police. At the time of this writing, fighting was still happening in parts of the building.  [Source: CBC]

Here are the things Canadian’s Googled the most in 2014, according to Google:

1. Robin Williams
2. World Cup
3. iPhone 6
4. Winter Olympics
5. Ebola
6. Philip Seymour Hoffman
7. Jennifer Lawrence
8. Joan Rivers
9. Jian Ghomeshi
10. ALS

Scott Stapp believes the “core of ISIS is within his family.”

Scott Stapp, former rock star; current nutcase, called his daughter’s school telling the dean that the “core of ISIS is within my own family,” and that he should call him back immediately. TMZ is hosting these audio clips, of which ISIS is one. But there are a few others. Creed will have made a lot of money in their day, but these releases come after Stapp posted a YouTube video announcing that he’s broke and living in a Holiday Inn. Here are a few of those audio clips:


[Source: Death and Taxes]

Darth Vader reimagined as a samurai by Japanese toymaker Bandai:



Check out the full gallery here: [Source: Daily Dot]

A culinary tour through Tehran’s Grand Bazaar:



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