Steve Jobs and Elton John get ‘chewed out’

When Steve Jobs changed the world by inventing those Apple products, little did he know that he was paving the way to having his portrait done in chewing gum. In perhaps the highest honour that can be bestowed upon the man, Ukrainian artist Anna Sofia Matveyeva spent three weeks chewing away on gum for a short period of time, taking the newly moistened wads and sticking them with other moistened wads of the same colour, warming them up in the microwave and then sticking it all on a giant board until, voila, she had what is actually a pretty impressive portrait of Steve Jobs. Who knew gum was so versatile?

Anna Sofia has also done Elton John and “a Romanian manager of the local football team FC Shakhtar.” She is planning to make more gum portraits and have a very sticky exhibition at some point.