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Every week, Spectator Tribune style maven Brenlee Coates plans to hit the streets — or, in this case, rink — to showcase some of the ways Winnipeg stays stylish this winter.

How great are these guys? Let me count the ways.

1. They helped style each other. Check out the hand and shoulder lent out by the guy on the right, Shea Youngdahl, while the guy in the middle, Alvin Friesen, gets zipped up and slips his amazing polar bear appliqued mitts on.

2. The guy on the left, Robin Bryan, is wearing his hunting toque as a style statement and works it in seamlessly with a similarly bright orange striped vest.

3. They don’t dress like this everyday. They brought a vintage camera with them to document their day (pictured in the first photo), and Bryan said their efforts were all due to that idea. Now, they have a group shot from a lens old and new snapped up.


2013-01-04 15.18.31