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Senator Ted Cruz.

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Architect of Singapore’s prosperity dies at 91

Lee Kuan Yew, the man, statesman, credited with transforming Singapore from a relatively pedestrian port city into the global hub we know today, has died at the age of 91. He was Singapore’s prime minister for 31 years, and, according to the BBC, was “widely respected as the architect of Singapore’s prosperity.” Lee sat at the helm when Singapore separated from British and Malaysian influences. “He fought for our independence, built a nation where there was none, and made us proud to be Singaporeans,” said Lee’s son and current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a television address. “We won’t see another man like him.” [Source: BBC]

Exploding horse assassination attempt stopped by Afghanistan intelligence agency

Afghanistan’s intelligence agency has stopped a plan to kill VP Abdul Rashid Dostum by detonating explosives strapped to a horse during a game of buzkashi, a nationally popular game that involves players on horseback dragging a dead goat or calf through a goal. “During last year’s election campaign, Dostum was photographed watching games from a throne-like sofa placed on the back of a pick-up truck, in a show of his wealth and influence,” reports Reuters. [Source: Reuters, Death and Taxes]

Ex-Canadian and current Texan Ted Cruz to announce bid for presidency

Today, former Canadian and current U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is expected to announce his bid to become the next American president. Advisors say the 44-year-old Texan will make his Republican top spot intentions public during a speech at Liberty University in Virginia. He’s a Tea Party favourite, apparently, and would be the first Republican to announce such a bid. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are expected to compete with Cruz for the Republican nomination. And, on the other side, the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is expected to make a similar announcement. [Source: BBC]

Self-driving car to travel from San Francisco to New York

U.K-based company Delphi has set free one of its self-driving cars, having given the autonomous prototype (Audi SQ5) marching orders to travel from San Francisco to New York. The car will drive through a series of questionable and anomalous road conditions and weather patterns, as a demonstration of the company’s readiness to perhaps become the first one to release such a car to the public. Winning this tech race is important, apparently. The Audi took off Sunday, and is outfitted with all manner of expensive gadgetry. Tesla’s Elon Musk has announced autonomous features for his fleet of electric cars, which his company will deliver via a car software update. [Source: Daily Dot]

Smugglers attempt to use drone to deliver drugs, weapons to high-security inmates

Police in Bedfordshire, England said smugglers tried to airdrop a package containing drugs, screwdrivers, a knife, and a mobile phone to prisoners locked up at a high-security penitentiary. Officials found the drone after it got all tangled up in the barbed wire surrounding the prison. The pilot, who has not been found, apparently failed to fully clear the fence. The incident is one of a few such drone-related crimes that have aviation officials fighting for tougher legislation surrounding the relatively new technology. [Source: SkyNews]


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