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Text Talk: Where do lentils come from?

Here now, an excerpt from an exchange of text messages between two best friends: One in Edmonton, the other in Toronto. Neither time, nor distance and not even the weather can keep these two apart. The ongoing — and seemingly random — messages occur at all hours and are about anything and everything. Today’s excerpt:

Edmonton: omg are you awake? Where to lentils come from? E. asked me I said hippies.

Toronto: Ha! Probably. I just assumed they came from the bulk store.

Edmonton: It’s a plant! We googled it on our phone!

Edmonton: I was telling her about how you area food shopping ninja and budget $60 for food a week.

Toronto: Really? I thought it was like rice or cranberries and just floated in the water until old people skimmed it with nets.

Edmonton: Canada is the world’s largest exporter of lentils.

Toronto: It’s true. I am. But there’s no meat in that $60 or else it would be double that.

Edmonton:  I miss meat. I wanna slow cook a brisket.


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