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Text Talk: Who doesn’t love a good buffet?

Here now, an excerpt from an exchange of text messages between two best friends: One in Edmonton, the other in Toronto. Neither time, nor distance and not even the weather can keep these two apart. The ongoing — and seemingly random — messages occur at all hours and are about anything and everything. Today’s excerpt:

Toronto: I just reheated my dinner. Leek and potato soup.

Edmonton: Oooo that sounds good. I need new recipes. I hate everything and want to just eat Chinese takeout forever.

Toronto: M. made it last night. It’s delicious. I can get you the recipe.

Edmonton: Chinese takeout for lyfe!

Toronto: I can’t wait until you’re here so we can go to the Mandarin.

Edmonton: Omg I know right!! I’m so excited. I was just thinking about that the other day.

Edmonton: Since I’m there so long, we should go twice!

Toronto: Omg yes!! We could go to different ones and see who has the better buffet.


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