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Thanks, Internet: A guided tour through Star Wars

Okay, okay. So Jar Jar Binks ruined everything. George Lucas is a big jerk. Anakin Skywalker is a crybaby. Whatever.

Before all of that, there was the near-flawless original series. A trilogy that inspired millions of overweight geeks to, well, remain overweight geeks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (solidarity, right guys?).

But no one ever made a cool map about all the places Han, Chewy, Leia, and Luke went! Not like this!

Andrew DeGraff, a Philadelphia artist who likes maps, and also making maps, has made one for the first (best) three Star Wars movies; from Mos Eisley to Alderaan, you can watch the legendary Millennium Falcon make its way through hyperspace (I mean, not actually watch it. But you can look at it, staying in one place, on the map).

I’m assuming everything is to scale, because what would be the point otherwise? Art? Pfft. This is scientifically researched.

Get your hardcore nerd on here:

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