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Thanks, Internet: Why, Why, Manti?

The biggest story in sports so far this year might be Manti Te’o’s internet girlfriend never existing at all. The star Notre Dame linebacker kept playing despite the deaths of apparently alive person and love interest Lennay Kekua and his grandmother. Actually, not only did he play, but he played well enough to become a Heisman Trophy candidate.

Then earlier this month, Deadspin figured out that Kekua never actually was a real person at all. Which is weird, because wouldn’t someone who carried on a relationship for almost any span of time be able to tell if someone was a fake person? Turns out a lot of people thought that, yes, that was weird, and it just keeps getting weirder as time goes on. The question now becomes whether or not he was in on the whole thing. Maybe he’s just kind of dumb. Another interesting question: why just leave the relationship to the Internet? Wouldn’t you want to meet someone you were dating? Who was the mastermind behind it all? Will Te’o’s draft prospects slide because of the whole thing? There are many questions.

The great thing about the whole crazy hoax is that it has made sure there is no shortage of jokes about imaginary girlfriends, like the Te’oing meme, a play on Tebowing:

This dude is getting some tonight.

Regardless of whether you believe Te’o or not, it won’t stop you from enjoying this awesome auto-tuned video of his interview with Katie Couric. Not only is that track, done by The Gregory Brothers, is wicked catchy, but you also get to see Te’o’s dad, who looks kind of like the Hawaiian Grimace, and some guest spots by Al Roker.

So hold your imaginary girlfriend (or boyfriend) close and click play.

Matt Williams is a Winnipeg-based writer and musician infatuated by lady country singers. Follow him on Twitter @WaterInHell.

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