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Thanks, Internet: Your best new memes of 2012

This year saw an unprecedented and meteoric rise of those silly little things we call memes. People seem to have a hard time defining what a meme is (really, ask someone), but it seems to just be pretty much anything funny. And people love funny.

Because of the sheer volume of all these hilarious memes, including ‘Really High Guy,’ ‘Bad Luck Brian,’ and ‘Grumpy Cat,’ the good folks over at BuzzFeed did us all a favour and compiled what they thought were the top 32 of the year. And that’s something everyone needs, because without the internet to distract us, we run the risk of opening our eyes to our dystopian, solipsistic existences, once and for all finally realizing there is no meaning in life, and we can only count down the seconds to our demise, or take matters into our own hands and with one final death blow, rid the world of ourselves in an attempt to decrease population growth for the benefit of scores of miserable, disenchanted generations ahead of us.

Or we can just all agree on the fact that Angelina Jolie’s leg in that high-slit dress, once doubled and photoshopped, makes her look like a spider, and all have a good laugh about it.

Check out the 32 Best New Memes of 2012.