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Theatre by the River brings you Morris Panych’s 7 Stories at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Hot off the success of their fundraiser, Wine & Words, Theatre by the River will perform Morris Panych’s 7 Stories at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Director Simon Miron brings you to the very edge in this play about a “well-dressed man” who is about to take the final leap of his life…off a window ledge.  This play takes you on a journey into the lives of an eclectic group of apartment dwellers who interrupt our Man throughout the play.  An existential exploration of life, love and endless redecorating, this dark comedy will draw you into the lives of some quirky, sharp-witted characters who will keep you entertained throughout the play.


Theatre by the River is a local theatre company that has been around since 2005, committed to producing artistically provocative and socially significant theatre for the masses.  This year’s Fringe Festival show will be held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in the Muriel Richardson Auditorium (also known as Venue #12).  Shuttles will be available to take you from Old Market Square to the art gallery each evening.

This play features Fringe favourites Joseph Aragon, James Firby, Jaclyn Kurceba, Derek Leenhouts and Mel Marginet.

Showtimes are:

Thursday, July 18    10:30 PM
Friday, July 19             7:15 PM
Saturday, July 20       5:15 PM
Sunday, July 21        12:00 PM
Tuesday, July 23        8:45 PM
Thursday, July 25       1:45 PM
Saturday, July 27     11:15 PM

Be sure to get your tickets in advance as Theatre by the River is well known for having one of the hottest tickets in town!

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