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Top 7 Shindico jokes

“Shindico”. The word itself sounds hilarious, and telling Shindico jokes has become a favorite pastime for Winnipeggers this fall. Now our very own arts editor Ross McCannell has produced a collection of Shindico jokes that will delight the whole family: 1001 Shindico Jokes. They make for delightful dinner party off-handers, playful schoolyard barbs and are perfect for retweeting. Here are our picks from his new book 1001 Shindico Jokes:

7. Shindico severs ties to Katz over perceived inability to provide favouritism after next election.


6. Q: How many city councillors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: None. Phil Sheegl gave Shindico the contract to do all the city’s screwing.


5. Fire Chief says he was told to push through Fire Hall deal because mayor’s pants were on fire.


4. Katz kindly suggests that the contract for Rob Ford’s counselling be awarded to Shindico.


3. Katz: “Sure, he may not have the credentials, but listen to how this sounds: Phil Sheegl, Milt Stegall. Phil Sheegl, Milt Stegall. Phil Sheegl, Milt Stegall.”


2. New restaurant venture for property developer: Shindico 1-for-3 Pizza.


1. To commemorate his contribution to the city, Taylor Ave to be renamed “Phil Sheegl Drive”.